Light Commercial Property

Light Commercial Property Inspection (Property Condition Assessment)

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Have a commercial property in the Gainesville area or surrounding counties? Light Commercial Properties vary so much that a walk-through and discussion are required prior to quoting the inspection. A detailed inspection contract will be prepared and agreed to prior to performing the Property Condition Assessment as per the guideline listed below.

Definition: Light Commercial as defined by Informed Inspection, Inc. is a real property of less than 20,000 square feet containing no heavy manufacturing/process equipment, a residential structure converted for commercial/office use, or if a multi unit residential property, possesses more than 4 residential units.  If the property is more than two stories, does not possess internal access to the roof, or uses a roofing system that requires highly specialized skills for installation and assessment, a sub-contracted assessment by a properly licensed and experienced roofing contracting firm will be used.

Guideline used: The guideline used by Informed Inspections, Inc. when providing a light commercial property inspection is ASTM E2018-15 ” Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process” with the following exclusions:

Section 7 – Document Review and Interviews
Section 8.4.8 – Vertical Transportation (Elevators and/or Escalators, as these require specific certifications & periodic inspections)
Section 9 – Opinions of Costs to remedy Physical Deficiencies