We are fast approaching the height of hurricane season, and while it has been quiet so far, forecasters don’t expect that to last.

Forecasters are expecting 14 to 21 named storms, including three to six major hurricanes.

While these projections are often accurate, the big unknown is where these storms will go. So, the best we can do is be prepared.

As part of that preparation, you need to look at the trees on your property, something we suggested in our pre-hurricane season article back in May. If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time because tree companies are getting very busy.

We asked our colleague Chad Hanna of Shade Shifters Tree Service why it is so important to have your trees examined this time of year.

“Especially, if your trees look healthy, it is hard to know if, in a major storm, they will become destructive,” he said. “Most people are not sure what they are looking for.”

There are two things to consider when having the trees on your property examined.

First, a tree may be perfectly healthy. But many Florida trees have extremely shallow root systems.

“That means a healthy tree can become a problem,” he said. “Too much rain saturates the ground, and then with the strong winds, it can easily topple over. If that healthy tree is too close to your home or other structures on your property, it could become a problem.”

Second, there are trees that are not so healthy.

“Even if they have strong, deep root systems, they can create a problem,” said Hanna. “This usually occurs with branches. They can flood with water and weaken. Then, with a strong wind, they can snap off and become a projectile.”

In either case, the trees or limbs can end up causing significant damage to your home.

Potential problems with the trees on your property do not necessarily mean that they must be removed. That’s a last resort. First, you can look at reducing the weight of your tree. That can be done by removing some limbs. Second, you can clean out your trees by removing some limbs or branches. This will give the wind a path through your trees with less resistance.

The problem is, that as a homeowner, you look at the trees on your property and think about curb appeal and shade. While those are important, you have to weigh them against the safety of your home and family. The trees on your property may be fine. But don’t you want an expert like Shade Shifters Tree Service to come in and give you that reassurance before any big storms track to our area?