We often see some of the most unusual things when it comes to home inspections. In fact, in just two months, we will be presenting our annual home inspection nightmares.

But for now, we want to focus on what are the most common problems we see when doing home inspections.

At the top of this list are plumbing, the roof and faulty wiring.

Let’s start at the top. Roofs often present a number of issues. Given the job of the roof in your home, that makes sense. More than anything else, the roof protects your home from the outside elements. With exposure to Florida heat and rain, roofs can age quickly in the Sunshine State. If you maintain your roof properly, it can last longer. That means having a professional look at it periodically, even if you don’t see any problems – like missing shingles or leaks.

However, if you don’t pay attention to your roof, and wait for the problems to grow, you could be faced with bigger issues. Ignoring your roof could result in interior water damage. You could also end up with major repairs or having to replace the roof sooner than you anticipated.

Now let’s look at plumbing. Both the home’s age and the complexity of the plumbing system can be factors in problems in this area.

Obviously, the most common plumbing problem is leaking. Other common problems involve water quality, water pressure and water flow. Leaking plumbing can, and often does, create major structural and mold problems that are difficult and expensive to repair.

Depending on the age of your home, it may have been built with galvanized pipes. That can result in rust in the water, and a build up of this rust can cause low pressure or flow. We often see valves in the sinks, showers or toilets clogged by the rust particles sluffing off the inside of the pipes. If you have galvanized pipe, you are, in all likelihood, going to have problems.

The third of the big three in terms of problems is faulty wiring. And while, roof or plumbing problems can cause water, mold and mildew problems, faulty wiring may be a far more dangerous issue because of the potential for fire.

In any given year, there’s an average of 358,300 home-based fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. And in less than 30 seconds a small flame can turn into a major fire. It only takes minutes for thick black smoke to fill a house or for it to be engulfed in flames.

Most fires are caused by electrical wiring problems. You may have wiring issues that are not a threat, but you’re not the expert on this. If you have any concerns, a licensed electrician should take a look.

In addition to the big three, other common inspection problems include foundation issues, pest infestations, mold and mildew, HVAC systems and structural damage.

So, what’s the solution. Make sure you are using qualified professionals for home repairs and consider a periodic inspection whether or not selling your home is in the immediate future.