As we did a year ago, we kick off a new year at Mr. Rick’s blog with a special article about the home inspection nightmares of 2020. Next time, we will be back to our traditional series of pieces providing useful information for homeowners and property managers.

We all had very little to smile and laugh about in 2020 – a very challenging year for all. But as you review these examples of what we hope must be DIY work, you can find some thing from 2020 that can give you a chuckle.

And to give credit where credit is due, the first five of these are from This Old House, followed by one from Family Handyman and two more from Popular Mechanics.

This may be the work of a former auto mechanic turned plumber – a radiator hose from an old Pontiac being used to replace piping.

If you like your attic wet, here’s the perfect solution. It certainly eliminates the need for roof flashing.

Don’t clean your gutters, and here’s the results – a nice fern growing out of your downspout.

Just imagine what empties into this bottle when you flush the toilet.

Here’s a unique use of a gutter downspout and a food can – ductwork.

Here’s a different but unsafe way to support the deck of your home.

This may not be the best place for a chimney.

Finally, here’s a creative way to repair a leaky skylight.

Again, we hope this look at 2020 home inspection nightmares has put a smile on your face.