If you’re a homeowner, you know the truth is you can spend half your time maintaining your home. And even if you work at it, the task can become overwhelming.

One way to make the home maintenance task more reasonable is to seasonalize it.

While this may not be entirely true here in Florida, there are certain home-maintenance tasks that should be done during different times of the year. So, since it’s summer, we’re going to start there. Later on, we will suggest the appropriate home-maintenance tips for each season.

The first piece of good news is that most of these suggested tips for summer are indoors. The last thing any of us wants is to have to take on an outdoor project right now. You’re either going to get soaked from sweat or rain if you do.

So, here are some suggestions – mostly indoors – for taking care of those home maintenance needs. Some of them are obvious. Others may be things you never thought of. But in the long run, they are all important.

  • Oil your garage-door opener and chain, the garage door and any other door hinges in your home.
  • Remove the lint from the inside and outside of dryer vents.
  • Check your appliances and plumbing for leaks. That includes, the dishwasher, refrigerator, toilets and sinks. For sinks, make sure to examine the cabinets surrounding them.
  • Pull the refrigerator out to clean behind it. That includes vacuuming the coils.
  • Make sure your tile grout is sealed.

For these next few, you are going to have to go outside.

  • Check any play equipment. Repair or replace what’s necessary.
  • Inspect wood decks and concrete patios for damage or deterioration. Reseal wood decks to prevent water damage and extend their usefulness.
  • Examine the exterior structure of your home for damages and determine what it will take to repair.

Also, in general terms, think about the hurricane season. Are there projects you’ve been putting off that should be done in case we get a big storm?

Here’s the most important tip of all. Understand your own limits. Don’t take on a project that is too much for you. That can result in two problems. First, you can end up hurting yourself. Second, if you start a project that should be done by a professional, and you can’t complete it, the result may be that it turns into a bigger project than you anticipated. If you’re not sure which professional to call, take a look at the resources page on our website for some guidance.

One last thing, stay safe and have a great summer!