Last issue we gave you some tips on how to spot if your shingle roof needed repair or replacement.

Well, if you decide to replace there are alternatives to shingles you may wish to consider. By far the most common re-roof besides composition shingles is metal. Other materials like tile or shakes are not used as much primarily because tile weighs considerably more than shingles and the roof structure may have to be reinforced to handle the additional weight. Shakes are attached to a different structure than the typical plywood or OSB deck for reasons of longevity of the roof.

In both cases the costs for restructuring and getting engineering for the redesigned roof structure are often prohibitive. However, if you like the look of tile or shakes, do not despair, there are forms of metal roofing that can be your solution. So in this issue, we will link you to information about metal roofing alternatives.

As I indicated in the last issue, here in Gainesville, we have a unique resource provided by Perry Roofing Company ( At their showroom you can get educated on all the aspects of roofing and roofing materials free and without obligation. The showroom is located at 516 NW 75th St #20, Gainesville. Their phone # is (352) 371-8971. As I said last time, I am not on the Perry payroll. I love this place because they really take the time to educate you on all the aspects you need to know to make an informed decision about your roofing project options.

​Rather than subject you to my own literary skills about metal roofing, the internet is our friend, and I have assembled several links that will help you decide if metal roofing is for you.

First up, Bob Vila discusses why metal roofs are so popular at:

Next, State Farm Insurance discuss pros and cons at:

Finally, our friends at This Old House offer a forum that you can use to get your questions answered at:

​So, in this blog we have a quick overview of metal roofing as an alternative to shingles. As always, if you have a question on this topic, or other matters regarding your home, just ask away at:

Next issue (Blog #3): We will tackle wind mitigation (UMVI inspections and reports) and insurance discounts. These discounts can be substantial. Does your house qualify?

Till next issue…