Home inspectors take an in-depth look at the issues going on inside your home. It is important to properly prepare your home so that your home inspector can do the best job possible. Many things should happen before your home inspection. Here is a sampling of some of those things.
1. Leave the utilities on
Especially in vacant homes, some homeowners forget to leave on the utilities for the home inspector. Home inspectors need the utilities to be on in order to check multiple things such as the stove, dishwasher, air conditioning or water heater. Be sure to take this into account before you have your home inspected.                 
2. Clear the space around the water heater and furnace
Inspectors often will not move things around inside of your home. If there are things such as boxes blocking your furnace or water heater, be sure to clear them prior to your inspector’s visit. Three to four feet of space around these areas is preferred.
3. Provide documents
It is important to provide all documents that have records of repairs, installation dates or permits available for your home inspector to look at. These documents can be a tool that a home inspector looks at when doing your inspection.
These are just a few things you can do in order to prepare for your home inspection. Be sure to ask your home inspector what else you can do when you schedule your inspection. A little preparation can help your inspector provide better service to you.