Although each home is different and has individual needs, home inspections can often be routine and similar to one another. A home inspector that has experience with different types of inspections brings added experience and perspectives that can be useful when inspecting your home.  

An inspection that I recently conducted, at Beach Front Motel in Cedar Key required me to branch out from the standard home inspection. This hotel required attention to things that are generally not called for in a standard home inspection.

The Beach Front Motel had sustained damage from storms in 2016 that were repaired. My client was purchasing the motel and wanted the inspection to assess the status of the motel post repairs. The inspection involved structural soundness of the buildings as well as interior repairs on a variety of rooms, the manager’s suite, the office and the motel’s systems. Being in such close proximity to water, there were many aspects that had to be taken into consideration that do not usually get attention in most home inspections. There were 10 different room types, a pool and several balconies. Several buildings were involved. The physical inspection took more than four hours to complete and another two hours checking the permit history on the buildings. Normal home inspections can be done in about two hours.

A trip was made to City Hall where construction permit history was examined. and a structural engineering study was verified to be available to my client.

There were many aspects to this inspection at the Beach Front Motel that set it apart from the traditional home inspection. All of these points of difference allowed me to develop more knowledge and experience when it comes to doing specialty inspections, as well as normal home inspections.

For your future home inspection, I would recommend choosing an inspector with several types of inspecting experience because of the knowledge they can bring to your inspection.