On a recent inspection several unsafe conditions were found that I see in many homes. They occur in enough homes that you may also have one or more of these in your own home. First, let me say that the home being inspected was by no means neglected, the homeowners were just not aware that these circumstances were unsafe. Once informed, they corrected the unsafe conditions. If you have them in your home you can too. The key was having a qualified person review the home and point out the areas to be addressed. As a home inspector that’s exactly what I do.
A great quality home inspection is detailed and clear. The concerns I find during a home inspection are organized by the severity of the concern. Among the most important concerns I find are those that deal with safety. Here are some of the concerns I found that could be affecting your home also. I found several safety hazards with the trees around the home, an electrical condition that created shock hazards in the kitchen, baths, laundry and exterior of the home.  Also, in the laundry I uncovered a fire hazard. 
The first photo shows the tree, near the home, on the verge of falling victim to insects and rot. It is poised to modify the home or a person in a very unpleasant way. It is easy to overlook the condition of trees in your yard, and in this case the inspection highlighted the condition.
The second photo is of an all too common circumstance. An electrical outlet within six feet of a water source not protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, either a special outlet or a breaker in your electrical panel that protects the circuit feeding the outlet. These sensitive devices are required to protect you from the heightened shock hazard wet areas can create.
The third photo shows a dryer duct nearly clogged with lint. It is very easy to forget that the lint screen in your dryer doesn’t catch all the lint. Over time the duct can collect this runaway lint, and a runaway fire can result.
The fourth photo shows a common heating and air conditioning problem that again is often overlooked. Sure, you religiously change the filter – good for you. Do you clean the evaporator coil? Probably not. The evaporator coil when cooling the air condenses moisture from the air. The moisture can lead to mold growth. I’m not fond of mold and I’ll bet you aren’t either.
These are just four of the many things a quality inspection can uncover for you.  Do yourself and your family a favor. A professional home inspector can help you uncover circumstances that could be putting you and your family at risk.  Remember, an informed decision is the best decision. A home inspector can help you be informed. It is what we do!